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QR Codes

Thanks for your interest in QR (Quick Response) Codes... but what exactly are they?

A QR Code is a matrix (or two-dimensional code), that is readable by QR scanner equipped smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

Using a Smartphone scan the image to your right. Many smartphones come now with a built-in scanner app – check to see if yours does. If not then download a QR Scanner app. There are plenty available and most are free to download.

If you've followed the instructions correctly then you'll be looking at one of our own franchises - - who are just one of the many organisations that are beginning to embrace the technology of QR Codes. McDonald's, Subway and Marks and Spencer are just a few examples of others.

The codes themselves have been around since the 90's so why are they only catching on now?

Simple answer - the technology we carry about as everyday people and consumers is finally catching up with the technology of the codes themselves.

What does it mean to me and my potential advert?

Imagine having an advert with no boundaries or physical size. An advert that was previously 8x4cm now only ends where your website ends. Think of your printed advert as merely the doorway to your website.

My website is not optimised for Smartphones... What should I do?

That's OK - we've already thought of that for you. For a small... and we really do mean small... fee we'll create for you a Full Page Profile online that is optimised for mobiles and host the profile on our servers for the duration of the paper product you are advertising on.

What will you do for us?

In short - everything. We'll create the QR Code for you and link it through to wherever you wish on the World Wide Web. We'll place it into your advert, test the code and proof your advert to you. Be aware that yes - it does take up some of your advertising space but hey - it then links through to a website or page that tells your potential customers so much more about you.

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