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Official Fixture Charts

We produce official Fixture charts for many of the top Sporting Bodies in the country.

B2 in size, printed in photo quality full colour with emphasis on the club's official colours.

They are designed to be highly recognisable and provide maximum impact when displayed where the general public can view them.

They contain important club information such as fixture dates, contact/ticket lines and other such details.

These unique items are distributed by our mailing system to local businesses and public venues such as Public Houses, Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Libraries, Sports Centres etc. They remain static locally for the entire season.

Prime advertising position available at a 10% extra over the 'run of page' price:

Advert Size

7.5cm X 7.5cm
9.3cm X 4cm
7.5cm X 15.5cm
8.5cm X 9.3cm


Call 01332 253600 or email
Call 01332 253600 or email
Call 01332 253600 or email
Call 01332 253600 or email


Contact Details:

Sportwise Marketing Ltd.
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Mansfield Road,
Derby, DE1 3QB

Phone: 01332 253600

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Example Fixture Chart:

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC's Official Fixture Chart