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As we come out of Covid together we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Regional Partner status of Norwich City Football Club as they are almost back in the Premiership. Sportwise is proud to announce the launch of their new ‘Our Customer’ page! Join the other businesses and get more visibility for your Company placing an order with us for £500 or more! Your advert and your logo will be seen by all our customers and partners, amplifying your exposure – contact us today!

Fixture Charts

The fixture Charts are produced in poster format and delivered to the clubs to distribute in Corporate Boxes and delivered through the Community trust and the club’s soccer schools. In addition, we have a database of pubs and eateries who proudly display the charts to promote the fixtures. We offer our advertisers the opportunity to feature on the perimeter of the publication.

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Example Fixture Chart:

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC's Official Fixture Chart