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Official Fixture Cards

Fixture Cards are of credit card size. They contain detailed club information and a Fixture matrix for the season.

Advertisers appear exclusively on a thousand of these wallet sized fixture cards for the entire season.

Each fixture card folds into a credit card sized publication that fits easily into your wallet. Fully extended they are 19.2cm x 9.5cm.

The front cover has photographic images of star players or ground shots of the club. The design continues onto the back cover where there is club information such as contact and sponsorship details.

When you open the first flap it reveals a 6.2cm x 9.5cm advert.

The advert then folds out to show three panels containing all of the home, away and cup fixtures for the season.

Prime advertising position available at a 10% extra over the 'run of page' price:

Amount of Cards


Advert Size

9.3cm x 5.5cm
9.3cm x 5.5cm
9.3cm x 5.5cm
9.3cm x 5.5cm
9.3cm x 5.5cm


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Example Fixture Cards

Lancashire CCC's Official Fixture Card